SAWYER — Sarah Magro’s bridal shower was, to put it mildly, a a surprise.

The “Surprise Drive-By Bridal Shower” took place Saturday afternoon, May 16, in the parking lot at Trinity Lutheran Church in Sawyer. And Magro, a 2003 New Buffalo High School graduate who now teaches elementary special education in Jenison, Mich., was the last to know.

“I’m so overwhelmed by people that took time to do this and my friends who traveled so far to be part of this moment,” Sarah said. “I’m so surprised! And my fiancé lied to me, and I’m OK with it.”

“This is more than I could have ever hoped for.”

Her fiancé, Alex Johnson of Grandville, was a key part of the surprise as he drove Sarah around before arriving in Sawyer for what was said to be a Mother’s Day get-together with her parents.

“It was a scheme that took many people to collaborate on,” he saidm adding that her father, aunt and mother came up with the idea of having the outdoor shower “to make this dream of hers come true.”

Linda said part if the story was that an elderly grandfather had dismantled his furnace (again), and they had to help put it back together.

Linda and Frank Magro told Alex he did a “great job.”

Sarah’s mother, Linda Magro, said due to the coronavirus pandemic her daughter had to put everything regarding her wedding on hold.

“We had one (a bridal shower) planned before the virus hit, and then we kept delaying it,” Linda Magro said, adding that Sarah also is teaching her students remotely so she can’t see them in person, and the wedding celebration itself has been moved to June 18, 2021 (her grandparents on the Magro side’s anniversary).

Sarah said she and Alex plan to have the legal marriage ceremony this year, with “the big wedding with the vows and everybody that can be safe” next year.

Those participating in the May 16 Surprise Drive-By Bridal Shower picked up a safety packet and some shower games, before lining up to visit with Sarah and Alex while dropping off gifts and cards.

A New Buffalo classmate, Sarah Sturgill, took photos of the shower while one of Sarah’s friends from college, Marla Carter, helped collect presents.

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