Sandra Thompson introduces the first act of the Oct. 24 Acorn Theater Fall Festival.

THREE OAKS — The Acorn Theater has announced that “after five amazing years as our founding, Executive Director Sandra Thompson has decided to shift from administration, fundraising, and general management to focus specifically on artistic direction through talent booking for the seasons ahead.”

“We can't thank Sandra enough for her countless contributions to the startup of The Acorn as a nonprofit and guiding it to the success we are today. Sandra will transition to her new role at the end of the year. We will soon launch a national search for our next Executive Director to lead us in continued growth,” said Tom Abrahamson, Chairman of the Acorn Theater Board of Directors, in a press release.

The release also states that the coronavirus pandemic hit the Three Oaks theater at a time of great strength. 

“Our momentum from a phenomenal 2019 carried into 2020. At a time when many performing arts organizations announced they would ‘go dark,’ we resolved to be innovative, mission-centered, fun, and broaden our reach. In short, we went outside, and Acorn Anywhere! was born.”

The more than 1,200 patrons who experienced one of the 10 Acorn Anywhere! concerts held in parks, farms, and backyards were thanked.

“Acorn Anywhere!, grants, and the extraordinary generosity of so many of you who made donations over the eight months, enabled us to cover our expenses during this time and make changes to the theater that will enable us to re-open safely. Drive by our new front door! When we re-open, look forward to a brand-new lobby and expanded seating. Special thanks to Karen and Don Rosenwinkel, who conducted a nationwide hunt for a beautiful set of vintage doors for our new entrance, refurbished them and donated them to The Acorn. Thanks to our Executive Director Sandra Thompson and Operations Director Tom Raab for coordinating the complex project, Keith Schander for his expert planning assistance, and Steve Wadley and Tom Raab for doing the carpentry.”

While it is uncertain exactly when and to what extent the Acorn Theater will be able to operate indoors, the release states they are going full-bore in planning programming to start in the spring with Acorn Anywhere!.  

“The Acorn’s board and staff are hard at work keeping our gem going strong and achieving ambitious goals. We thank you for your support, and most of all cannot wait to share with you the experience of The Acorn at its best.”

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