Tree Planting

On hand for the first round of tree planting were Gunner Piotter, Susan Phelan, Theresa Richter, Peter Van Nice, Lalo Sanchez and Gaspar Sanchez.

LAKESIDE — The Lakeside Association began greening up the "Triangle Park" at the intersection of Pier Street and Lakeside Road on Oct. 12.

Theresa Richter said an assortment of native trees (three Burr Oaks, a trio of sugar maples, three beech trees and white pines in the back) were planted on the morning of Oct. 12. She said a circle of redbuds will be added in the spring.

"We'll probably have a little ceremony then," Richter added.

The Lakeside Association's Park Enhancement Project Committee also includes Susan Phelan, Janet Schrader and Peter Van Nice (chairman). They were guided in design and tree selection by Gunner Piotter of Green Mansions Nursery. Planting the trees were Piotter, Lalo Sanchez and Gaspar Sanchez.

The "Triangle" area is located across the intersection from the iconic Lakeside Gazebo (both are now part of the Chikaming Township Park system).

The native trees are intended to support beneficial insects and birds – crucial aspects of a sustainable, healthy ecosystem.

In addition, the park renovation is designed to enhance the beauty of the primary entry point to Lakeside, drawing walkers and bikers into the space, while also providing an attractive setting for Lakeside’s traditional community events.

Before the Oct 12 plantings, the Lakeside Association said the property was sparsely planted with non-native and/or invasive shrubs and trees.

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