Library Party

Adele Lanan, Debbie Sieler, Barb Doepker, Cheryl Kersey and Gen Scamehorn (from left) during the recent farewell event at the Three Oaks Library for Doepker.

THREE OAKS — Barbara Doepker’s 27 years of service to the Three Oaks Township Public Library was celebrated on May 30 with friends, colleagues, patrons and two cakes.

“I didn’t feel nostalgic until I walked in today,’” she said on May 30.

Doepker said she’s done “a little bit of everything” at the library. “When I first started I was volunteering, and then when the next director came she said ‘I want you on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.’ And I said ‘Well, that’s not really volunteering anymore.’ Then I started working,”

She worked for four different library directors (and had a wonderful experience with all of them) — Carmen Foster, Stephanie Daniels, Eric Nieman, and Cheryl Kersey.

She said some of the first children she saw come in for story hour now have grandchildren.

Doepker experienced moving from the library’s previous location on Oak Street to its current location at 3 North Elm St. in 2000, transferring and upgrading the library’s entire collection to computerized records and working with four library directors. She spent countless hours cataloging items, shelved a seemingly endless number of books, stamping an untold number of date due slips and answering a myriad of reader inquiries.

“While doing all this, she has touched lives and formed everlasting friendships. I have relied heavily on her and she has taught me many things. I will greatly miss her,” said current Library Director Cheryl Kersey. “I learned a lot from Barb and she has always been just great to work with.”

Although Doepker plans to spend more time in Wisconsin, Florida and her yard now, she still plans to help decorate the community case at the library. She also is still part of the Friends of the Library group.

Her favorite part of the job has always been “visiting with the patrons that come in ... and of course the people I work with.”

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