NEW TROY — The Friends of New Troy kicked off fund-raising efforts to renovate the bathrooms in the New Troy Community Center on Saturday, Oct. 19, with a Sound Bath and Breath Work Session.

Skybird Yoga instructor, Elizabeth Nuti said the 90-minute Sound Bath and Breath Work Session held Saturday at the New Troy Community Center consisted of “30 minutes of transformational breath work to recorded and live music, and I guide you through this breath technique. And then for the next 60 minutes Eric Donovan Lester and I play live sound music (on gongs, crystal bowls, frame drums, didgeridoos, flute, chimes and more). It’s called a sound bath because the sound will bathe you in sound.”

“It’s a very healing, calming, relaxing experience.”

Nuti said she does a Sound Bath and Breath Work Session once a month, along with five yoga classes a week at the Community Center.

“This is an awesome way to kick off our fund-raising campaign,” noted Terry Hanover of the Friends group.

He said the Community Center building was constructed in 1952 and the rest rooms (now in various states of disrepair) were designed for young schoolchildren.

Hanover gave credit to Rotary Club of Harbor Country President David Stevenson for “wading us through the process’ of seeking grants.

“To get new bathrooms would be a new era for us,” he said, adding that the addition of an outdoor gazebo and an access door to that area has made the Community Center a great venue for gatherings and wedding receptions — but new bathrooms are a must.

Stevenson said he was introduced to the New Troy Community Center when he began participating in Nuti’s yoga classes.

“I was so impressed with what the community has done, the Friends of New Troy buying this elementary school 15 years ago and turning it into a wonderful community center with a library, a yoga studio, meeting rooms and so many different programs — reading for kids, flame markets twice a month, food drives, the Strawberry Festival and Christmas for kids.”

He said the New Troy Community Center has gotten to this point solely through donations and memberships, even paying off what was originally a $240,000 mortgage. For the newest challenge he is helping the Friends apply for grants.

For the bathroom project, which carries an estimated cost of $47,000 and would make the facilities ADA compliant, Stevenson said grants are being sought from multiple sources, with three already applied for and more in the works. Future fund-raisers also will take place.

Donations may be mailed to Friends of New Troy, Bathroom Renovation Fund, P.O. Box 125, New Troy, MI 49119. For more information, contact or Terry at 269-369-1897.

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