A screenshot from the Jan. 3 video shows St. Joseph police officers helping Berrien County Animal Control Officer Mat Kuntz free a deer.

ST. JOSEPH — Berrien County Animal Control is getting some positive attention after a video started circulating on social media last week showing one of its officers saving a deer in St. Joseph.

On animal control’s Facebook page, Officer Mat Kuntz said he was called by St. Joseph police to help with a large buck that was tangled in the rope of an old swing.

“Upon arrival, the buck managed to really get himself stuck, he dug himself a hole, literally and figuratively. He was REALLY worked up and buried deep in muck. After about 20 minutes of hands-on involvement, and the help of the other crew, we managed to calm him down, control his body, and set him free, the buck was unharmed!” Kuntz wrote.

Director Tiffany Peterson said the almost 2-minute video of the Jan. 3 incident was pieced together from body cam footage from two St. Joseph Public Safety officers, Jason Yonker and Christopher Sysko.

She said this is an example of what her officers do everyday – saving the lives of animals.

Berrien County Administrator Brian Dissette showed the video to Berrien County commissioners Thursday.

“Our officer did an absolutely great job of performing his work in a humane manner,” he said. “... I thought I would just take a second and show the public a day in the life of animal control.”

The video is posted on the Facebook page of Friends of Berrien County Animal Control.

Peterson said they continue to raise money for her department’s spay and neuter programs. She said donations can be made on animal control’s website or at www.friendsofbcac.org. Checks can be sent to: Friends of Berrien County Animal Control, P.O. Box 12, Riverside, MI 49084.

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