Climate Gathering

Some of those who gathered in Dewey Cannon Park on Sept. 20 for a Climate Strike invocation ceremony.

THREE OAKS — In conjunction with the global Climate Strike on Friday, Sept. 20, a group of about 15 “like-minded cosmic thinkers and stewards” gathered for an invocation ceremony that evening at the Dewey Cannon Park Pavilion in Three Oaks.

Rimming the edge of the pavilion while mood-setting music playing in the background, participants heard Steve Shimek set the stage. He said the day’s events worldwide were the beginning of the largest group of human beings concerned about the whole earth coming together for the first time to do something about maintaining the earth’s livability.

“This is a life and death struggle for the earth … a real game of thrones where the world is in peril.  It’s more than slogans,” Shimek said.

Recalling other movements led by leaders such as Martin Luther King Jr., Gandhi and Nelson Mandela, Shimek said the climate movement needs to listen to leaders such Swedish teenage climate activist Greta Thunberg, heed the alarms, set the agenda and be prepared to fight the fire for the rest of one’s life.

Addressing the group as those that would lead Harbor Country on the road to climate change, the Rev. Lil Lewis asked them to reflect on moving toward the prophetic life and taking the step for the cosmos.

Lewis then gave thanks for nature’s gifts, facing east for clean water, south for nourishing earth, north for pure air and west for cleansing fire. Each gift was represented by a prop which was “smudged” by Kim Pruitt as she cleansed the surrounding air and space using the smoke from burning sage.

Several participants then read poems or related passages. The evening ended with Lewis asking participants to cover their eyes to symbolize grieving for melting glaciers and join her in a high-stepping “warrior energy” walk as the theme from “Star Wars” began to play. On leaving, all participants were given a lighted cluster of sage after they made their avocation.

The invocation ceremony was the first of several events and talks planned by the group. The first talk/discussion group will be led by Robert Wagner on the psychology behind climate change denial at 10 a.m. on Saturday, Oct. 5, at the New Buffalo Township Library, 33 N. Thompson St.

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