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Patty Daniel (left) and Julie Grynwich with “Gia” during a recent outdoor adventure in New Buffalo.

NEW BUFFALO — New Buffalo Township Library Director Julie Grynwich has a new puppy, and she’s hoping to share “Gia” with the community soon.

Grynwich said Gia (12 weeks old as of Jan. 14) is a mini Labra-Doodle.

A dog named “Newdle” made many visits to the downstairs Youth Services space received for younger visitors to the library. Sadly, Newdle has passed away, but Grynwich said the example set by the friendly, large black Certified Therapy Dog (her mother was a Newfoundland and her father a Standard Poodle) inspired her to continue the tradition of giving children the chance to interact with a dog at the library.

“Our goal is to get her (Gia) used to working with kids in the youth department,” she said, noting that the process will take some time and involve plenty of training.

A change in temperament probably won’t be needed.

“She loves everybody, she is the most friendly dog in the world.”

Gia already has spent a lot of time around Grynwich’s three young grandchildren and family members’ dogs including her daughter’s Labrador, “Luna.”

Grynwich said the New Buffalo Township Library is currently offering curbside and virtual services which she expects to continue “probably through February.”

“And when the number start declining again we are going to hopefully open – everybody is anxious to open.”

She said curbside is going well, with about 70 pick-ups during a recent week, and Youth Services is offering craft project pick-ups and online offerings.

“Thankfully my staff is super-competent with online and technology.”

Curbside service at the New Buffalo Township Library, 33 North Thompson St., is offered from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday; 3:30 to 6:30 p.m. Thursday; and 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday. Services include books, DVDs and magazines; craft projects; library cards (sign up online); faxing, laminating, copying and printing (documents may be emailed). Winter Reading Programs currently are under way.

To make arrangements call (269) 469-2933 or reserve online (https://www.new buffalotownshiplibrary.org) to schedule your pick up.

Youth Services offers bi-weekly story times for both little ones and bigger children as well as crafting projects available via curbside service.

A WiFi signal is available outside of the library.

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