LAKESIDE — The 2019 Cocktails at the Grand Cottage find-raiser for the Michiana Humane Society, hosted by Will Schauble and Jason Spohn (Gail Lowrie also served on the organizing committee) was held on the glorious summer evening of Saturday, July 27.

After Executive Director Johanna Humbert thanked guests for their continuing support for the shelter and all the other services offered by the Humane Society, auctioneer David Meyers entertained the crowd while keeping the bidding going during the live auction portion of the event that raised over $125,000.

A highlight of the auction included Chef Jean Joho of the Everest restaurant in Chicago and Chef Tim Foley of the Bread Bar in Benton Harbor receiving a winning bid of $10,000 from an attendee who will enjoy an intimate dinner for six at Joho’s private Michigan home.

Chef Luisa Mills of Luisa’s Cafe and Harbert Swedish Bakery in Harbert serenaded the bidders with her rendition of “That’s Amore.”

Her love was returned with two bids that garnered a combined $52,000. She and Chef Vivian May (her daughter) will give cooking lessons to the winning bidders in the kitchens of their homes.

And Three Oaks artist Thomas Allen Pauly received a high bid of $9,500 to paint a portrait of the pet owned by the winning bidder.

Guests concluded the evening by enjoying a stunning Lake Michigan sunset in the backyard of the Grand Cottage.

It was announced that hosts Schauble and Spohn have agreed to host the event again in 2020.

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