NEW BUFFALO — In New Buffalo the National Day of Prayer (Thursday, May 7) was observed at St. Mary of the Lake Catholic Church and Converge Community Church as a total of about 50 people gathered (at a safe social distance) to pray for the community and country.

At St. Mary of the Lake Father John Peter Ambrose thanked the 30 or so people for maintaining social distance while they recited prayers after the noon siren had sounded.

“I’m glad to see so many people praying for our country. That’s a very important thing right now, and for the end of this virus throughout the world - so many people are suffering,” he said.

One of those participating was Daniel Donzelli, who said it was “a beautiful day to be with God.”

Becky Borglin helped plan the Day of Prayer events.

“We didn’t want the day to go without recognizing that we need to pray for our country.”

Across the road at Converge Community Church, Campus  Pastor Mike Bettig (standing in front of a sign that reads “Pray Without Ceasing”) led a circle of about 20 people who took turns praying for local, state and national leaders, caregivers on the front lines against coronavirus, their patients, businesses, the nation in general and all nations in the world.

“The congregation enjoys it, being able to share and to pray to the Lord together,” he said. “We do a lot of Zoom calls and get together and we pray together during the week.”

Before the May 7 gathering, Bettig said it had been about a month and a half since the church had an in-person service at the site in New Buffalo (services have been live-streamed during this time).

He added that there was a convergance of congregants about a month ago to welcome the Ronnie and Kari Silva family that had returned from Peru where they had been serving as missionaries.

“We all hopped in our cars and did a parade,” he said. “There were about 40 vehicles driving around.”

“Prayer is a part of our community life, whether it’s small groups or individuals. We always have a prayer time on Sunday mornings,” noted Cindy Dryden.

Her husband, Jeff Dryden (senior pastor at Sawyer Highlands Church) noted that the church helps families in other parts of the world in different ways, including with food assistance.

The National Day of Prayer is an ecumenical observance of prayer for the country held on the first Thursday of May since 1952.

This 2020 theme was “Pray God’s Glory Across the Earth.” Organizers asked everyone to pray at noon on May 7 for the end of the COVID-19 epidemic and to pray for the government, business, military, public safety, education, media, family and Churches (the website is

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