UNION PIER — A new-look Milda’s Corner Market is rising at 9910 Townline Road as repairs and upgrades provide relief from the damage caused by a July 5 car-building collision.

Although there were customers in the store at the time, none were injured. Police reported that the two drivers involved in the accident were treated for minor injuries.

“It did a lot of structural damage,” said owner Milda Rudaitis. “They had to rebuild the whole wall … It knocked the whole building out of whack.”

But Rudaitis noted that “we never closed.”

“The whole community was very supportive … just trying to get back on track to business as usual.”

For a while the Corner Market let people know they were open via a large sign affixed to the plywood that covered the front window shattered by the accident.

Not anymore. New windows, doors and brickwork in the corner affected by the car’s impact have been installed.

Between getting insurance money and the many parts and pieces needed for the project, Rudaitis said the project took several months.

“The outside is done except for painting, which has to wait for spring because it’s too cold,” she said.

An expanded inside seating area, which will be finished in the spring, will add a counter at the front window and new tables and chairs.

Milda’s Corner Market offers products from over 50 countries — “things you won’t find anywhere else but you can use every day.”

Rudaitis said there are eight different varieties of rye bread from Lithuania; imported Dadu ice cream and Smilga dumplings; a huge selection of soft drinks; pasta and spaghetti sauces; snacks and candy from overseas; a variety of chips; a section of hot sauces and salsas — even hand-painted Lithuanian Easter Eggs.

Homemade food offerings include: fresh-made sandwiches (everything from Italian Piaggia, Reubens and Gyros to subs, grilled chicken breast and burgers); homemade soups; hot dogs; salads; Milda’s Homemade Baked Lithuanian Potato and Bacon Casserole; breakfast items such as special blends of coffee, cappuccino; Milda’s special Bacon Buns, lox and bagel, egg croissants; and a variety of fresh baked pastries including Magic Bars, cookies and cannoli.

Milda’s will celebrate 20 years at the 9910 Townline Road location in May of 2020.

Longtime employees include Nichole Caulfield and Stepas Saulis.

Milda’s is open seven days a week (winter hours are 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. weekdays and 6 p.m. weekends). Half days on New Year’s Day and Easter, Closed Christmas and Thanksgiving.

For more, call (269) 469-9880, log on to www.milda.us, or send an email to contact@milda.us.

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