BRIDGMAN — Rochefort’s The Next Generation has a new home at 4210 Lake St. in Bridgman.

Owner Theresa Crago said the new location (the former home of Eric’s Bridgman Cafe) is bigger, nicer and has better equipment.

“We just ran out of room over there (the restaurant’s longtime location at 4514 Lake St.), we were growing.” she said. “It was a perfect move for us.”

Crago said Rochefort’s The Next Generation operated at 4514 Lake St. for seven years. Before that her uncle, Dale Rochefort, ran the eatery starting in 1989.

She said the former Rochefort’s could seat 21 patrons while 47 can enjoy the bright new environs, which features a ’50s malt shop vibe complete with a vintage Chevy on the wall and classic 45 rpm singles adding to the theme.

Heather Cribley (Theresa’s daughter, who also works at Rochefort’s The Next Generation), said her aunt and uncle, Beth and Dave Antosz, donated the records that are now part of the decor.

Also serving customers is Maxwell Jensen (Heather’s son, and the namesake for the special Mad Max challenge).

“It’s a one-pound burger,” Cribley said.

You have to eat the burger, the fries and cole slaw that come with it (roughly two pounds of food) to claim your spot of honor on the wall. As of early December there were 89 names on that list.

Another menu staple, the Chubby Cheeks triple quarter-poor burger, was named in honor of Crago’s granddaughter, Victoria Cribley.

Also on the menu are different types of hot dogs, chicken wraps and quesadillas, Italian Beef, Reuben, Club and other sandwiches, salads, soup and chili, ice cream and smoothies, and dinners such as Smothered Fried Chicken and Salisbury steak with Mushrooms.

Rochefort’s the Next Generation made its debut in the new building on Dec. 8.

“The community has been great,” said Crago, adding that nearby businesses have welcomed them to the neighborhood with flowers and open arms.

Hours are 11 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. Monday through Saturday. Crago said she hopes to add breakfast “when I can find a cook.”

For more, call (269) 465-5626.

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