BRIDGMAN — The fall colors arrived a little early in Bridgman on Saturday, Oct. 12.

The second annual Bridgman Royalty Run, a 5K run and walk through Bridgman, included three stations where participants could get splashed with some color via dyed corn starch.

Claire Voit had collected plenty of those hues on her Royalty Run shirt by the time she got back to Toth Street Park.

The 6-year-old said her favorite part was “when I went through the colors.”

The non-timed event drew about 40 people, most of whom walked (a few of the younger ones rode in strollers.

Dustin and Tammy Spitzer ended up running and were the first to cross the finish line of the untamed 5K.

“It was fun …. it was cool but perfect weather for running,” Dustin said.

Proceeds from the Royalty Run will go toward the Bridgman Community Float.

“We are raising money to build a building to house our float,” organizer Sarah Buist said.

The “California Dreaming” Bridgman Community Float for 2018 was on display in Toth Street park during the Royalty Run, and the finale of tossing color packets into the air was done next to the float.

Tamra Preston of the Miss Bridgman Scholarship Committee said this year’s Bridgman Little Miss, Junior Miss and Teen pageant begins at 1 p.m. Nov. 16 while the Miss and Mr. Pageant is at 7 p.m. that day.

Preston said there are a total of 32 contestants (26 competing in the 1 p.m. event).

The pageant theme is “Bridgman Presents Broadway’s Greatest Hits” (the 2019 Blossomtime Festival theme is “The Greatest Show”).

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