THREE OAKS — The sign on the window says it all: Second Wind — Random Things and Hidden Treasures.

In addition to offering a “second wind” for the merchandise inside, the Second Wind offers a new look for the vendors offering their items behind the blue door at 13 S. Elm St. Formerly known as Miscellany, Second Wind is celebrating its own new wind with a grand opening celebration Wednesday through Sunday, Nov. 22 to 26.

“We thought the name ‘Second Wind’ fit a lot of what we do here with our shop full of vintage and retro items that are being re-purposed and finding a new life,” said Sue Harsch, who with Judy Jackson, serves as shopkeepers overseeing the 13 spaces filled to the rafters by the store’s co-op vendors.

While it may be a labor of love for the two shopkeepers and all the vendors, there is also a lot of manual labor involved. The inventory changes constantly to match the seasons, current trends and the whims of the vendors.

“We often hear compliments on how clean and orderly our shop is. We all take pride in our displays. This type of merchandise is often found in dusty, disorganized or neglected spaces,” said Sherry Bingaman, one of the vendors, adding that another common reaction she hears is “our good prices.”

Before joining Second Wind, many of the vendors offered their crafts items and repurposed merchandise at pop-up shows or local craft fairs but find the storefront much more conducive to serving regular customers as well as the new time buyers. There is also a lot less transport and set-up time involved.

Harsch said most of the customers are female, often mother and daughters, but said there are a few men who venture through the door and join right in. Collectors of items often scour the store’s contents for new items. Old books and vinyl records are high on many shopping lists.

“It’s not unusual for someone to be inspired to start a collection with something they come across here and then we see them again when they are searching for other pieces,” Harsch said.

She said Second Wind vendors are always adapting ideas featured in current decorating magazines and crafting projects. Second Wind’s Facebook pages change often to highlight new items added to the inventory.

“What I like most about this is flipping items into new purposes,” Harsch said, a long time garage sale patron.

Harsch invites everyone to stop in during Second Wind’s grand opening to fill out a ticket for a gift basket drawing. During the Three Oaks Snowflake Stroll on Saturday, Nov. 25, the store will be open from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m., with complimentary refreshments after 4 p.m. Regular winter hours are Wednesday through Sunday from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Vendors include: Jenny Lozmack, Michelle Miller, Gina Hansen, Natalie Tracy, Linda Anderson, Paul Cromke,Sharon Guiffra, Mary Caye, Vee Mitchell, Andrew Bulcksbarg, Judy Jackson, Lisa Sememic, Sue Harsch, Sherry Bingaman, Sandy Price, Phyllis Payne, Linda Mangold, Daina Krueger and Theresa Eldridge.

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