BRIDGMAN — The 46th Miss Southwest Michigan Scholarship Program, the 11th Mrs. Southwest Michigan Scholarship Program and the 28th Miss Southwest Michigan Teen Scholarship Program were held Saturday, April 27, in the Bridgman High School Performing Arts Center.  The theme was “Keepin it REHL.”  

Alivia Grace Abram, the 14-year-old daughter of Reiny and Trish Abram of Bridgman, was crowned the New 2019 Miss Southwest Michigan Teen. Her Platform is Enriching the Lives of Children through Music.  

Alivia is an eighth-grader at Bridgman’s F.C. Reed Middle School. She enjoys volunteering, gardening, tennis, singing, acting and playing musical instruments. She received the Ticket Sales Award, Salute Ad Award, People’s Choice Award, Photogenic Award, Speech Award, Modeling Award, Talent Award and the Academic Award, totaling her Scholarships to $900.

The Recruitment Award, Leadership Award, Quality of Life Award and Community Service Award went to Kendra Lea Briley of Hartford. Non-Finalist Awards went to Piper Raven Bennett of Berrien Springs and Elisha Lea Jorgensen of Eau Claire.

China Olivia May Stockbarger, the 18-year-old daughter of Tad Stockbarger, and Shelli and Scott Knoll of Baroda, is the New 2019 Miss Southwest Michigan.mHer Platform is Childhood Cancer Awareness.  

China is a sophomore at Saint Mary’s College. She enjoys panting, reading, photography and cheerleading.

She received the Salute Ad Award, Recruitment Award, Photogenic Award, Speech Award, Leadership Award, Academic Award.  

The New 2019 Mrs. Southwest Michigan is Christin Nichole Adams. Her husband is Joseph and she has a 5-year-old son Clayton and 2-year-old daughter Elise. They reside in Baroda.

Her Platform is Addiction. She enjoys dancing, reading, art with her children and dinner with her husband.

Christin received the Diana (Dani) Patterson-Mets “Reflections of Excellence” Award, Ticket Sale Award, People’s Choice, Modeling Award, Talent Award and Quality of Life Award.

The New 2019 Miss Southwest Michigan, Mrs. Southwest Michigan and Miss Southwest Michigan Teen will make a decision in six months after working with the Southwest Michigan Scholarship Program Prep Team if they would like to continue on to a State and National level of her choice.

The Southwest Michigan Scholarship Program focus is to teach the young people here in the Greater Southwest Michigan Area – Communication, Leadership, Community Service, Respect & Honor.  All scholarships awarded through this Program are given to the young people in the Greater Southwest Michigan Area only.

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