THREE OAKS — The Harbor Country Chamber of Commerce welcomed The Barn of Three Oaks with a ribbon cutting ceremony and open house on Friday, November 8.

Those attending got an up-close look at the transformation of the iconic and familiar 90-year-old white barn into a stunning rental property at 8709 US 12 Highway, Three Oaks.

Owner Mindy MacNeil, an experienced rental host in the Chicago area, has a penchant for curating unique gathering spaces and saw an opportunity to transform the 90-year-old Barn into a place to share both passions.

MacNeil felt the barn was, “Perfectly situated between Three Oaks and New Buffalo, where you are close to everything Harbor Country has to offer: Lake Michigan, fabulous restaurants, amazing distilleries, wineries and breweries, boutique shopping, stunning sunsets and farm fresh produce.”

“We’re really thrilled to be here. We love Three Oaks and the whole area,” MacNeil said during the open house. “When I design a place I definitely want it to be a place that people feel immediately at home.”

The Barn of Three Oaks has three bedrooms and 2 1/2 baths with the ability to sleep 9 to 11 people. The back bedroom features one of the original barn doors. The loft-like upstairs space features soaring ceilings and two living areas in addition to a large dining table and an outdoor deck that offered an expansive view of the fall colors on Nov. 8. Cooks can whip up an intimate dinner or a feast in the fully-appointed kitchen.

MacNeil said her family has owned The Barn of Three Oaks, now a year-round rental, for about a year. A wood burning fireplace is next to the bar which is filled with different glassware to make your favorite cocktail. The pastoral site is also available for special events and photo shoots.

Chamber Member Services Director Kim Wendt said the Three Oaks area really needed “another place to stay” since it has become a destination for weddings, reunions and other gatherings.

After noting that “there’s been a few late-night dance parties here,” MacNeil introduced her daughter (Isla) and husband (Scott).

“We’re going to be hosting Thanksgiving here,” she later said, adding that time away from LaGrange, Ill., will be more limited now that The Barn will often be rented.

Reservations for The Barn of Three Oaks can be made on their website, or call (312) 286-9313. For their latest information, visit The Barn of Three Oaks Facebook page and Instagram.

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