BRIDGMAN — The Salty Nag is a horse trailer that has been “completely repurposed to cook you up some good food from our rotating menu.”

Melissa Teed said she told her husband (Pat) she wanted to do a food trailer by converting a horse trailer.

“We went to Madison, Wisconsin, and we got a horse trailer” which they restored with help from friends to be used as home base for The Salty Nag.

The first outing took place June 24 at Watermark Brewing Co. in Stevensville. They’ve returned there on Wednesdays, while also offering items from their rotating menu at other locations such as: LakeBridg in Bridgman (at the corner of Church and lake Streets); Sliders and Ciders at Peat’s Cider Social in Stevensville; Moos and Brews at Archlight Brewing Company in Watervliet; and the LH Piggott Farm Market in Benton Harbor.

Melissa is often joined by friends Darcy Jones and Tonya Ott, her mom, and sons (Joseph and Alex). Pat Teed does the grilling.

Menu items can include Chicago Italian Beef, a Cubano Sandwich made with local pulled pork, burgers, brats and hot dogs. During a recent Tuesday evening at LakeBridg (a the corner of Lake and Church streets in Bridgman) the Salty Nag Patty was on the menu.

Teed described it as “everything in the whole trailer” — a half-pound burger covered in barbecue sauce, mayo, mustard, ketchup, pickle lettuce, tomato and olive.

She said they are aiming to offer Michigan-made products such as Corridor Brats from Detroit, Faygo pop, Dearborn Hoto Dogs, Great Lakes Chips,

Teed said she’s looking forward to fall specialities like beef stew and Irish food.

The Salty Nag, which also can provide food for events of up to 100 people, is on Facebook and Instagram.

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