BRIDGMAN — The community of Bridgman got its first new royal court in two years on Saturday, Nov. 20, in the Bridgman High School Performing Arts Center.

Crowned Miss Bridgman 2022 during the “Back to the Future!” pageant was Stephanie DeMeulenaere. Joining her in the court are co-Mr. Bridgmans Andreas Wilder and Mason Williamson, First Runner-up Adrianna Nimtz, and co-Second Runner-ups Madi Rochefort and Ava Ward.

“I’m really looking forward to getting to know everybody on court and getting to participate in all the Blossomtime activities with everyone there,” DeMeulenaere said. “I’m really excited for everyone to be be able to come together again and have these events.”

Crowned earlier in the day were Little Miss Bridgman 2022 Ravin Burkhard and First Runner-up Hailey Germain; Miss Junior Teen Bridgman Zoey Mallette and First Runner-up Kendall Steinbrook; Mr. Junior Teen David Shonk: Miss Teen Bridgman Lily Barker and First Runner-up Anne Scott.

Barker said she and Scott were co-Miss Congenialities in the 2020 Miss Teen court and are best friends.

Burkhard said she is really excited to “be with all the people and help people feel better.”

Mallette said she was really surprised and excited when she got crowned.

“I was saying backstage I don’t need a crow or a sash to know I’m beautiful.”

DeMeulenaere, the daughter of Joann and Joe, is a 16-year-old senior at Bridgman High School. Her activities include National Honor Society, soccer, cross country, after-school tutoring, community food drives, Mini Bee cheer camp. She plans to attend a four-year college and obtain a degree in the medical field.

Barker, 15, is the daughter of Melissa and Allen Barker. She participates in band, volleyball, DECA, and Student Senate.

Burkhard is 8 years old and enjoys horse riding, dancing, swimming and singing.

Mallette is a fourth-grader whose activities include basketball, soccer, cooking, dancing and singing.

Shonk is a fourth-grader who enjoys building with Legos and riding his bike.

People’s Choice awards went to (Little Miss) Cassidy Walsh; (Junior Teen) Mallette; (Miss Teen) Kate Sanders; (Miss/Mr.) Williamson.

Top ad sales award winners were: (Little Miss) Burkhard; (Junior Teen) Steinbrook; (Miss Teen) Abigail Stevens; (Miss/Mr.) Ward.

Saying their farewells after representing Bridgman for 2020 and 2021 were Miss Bridgman Rachel Scharnowske, Miss Teen Bridgman Hailey Drew, and Little Miss Bridgman Brooklynn Wheeler.

“Absolutely amazing – those are the first words that come to mind when I think of my reign these past two years,” Scharnowske said.

Judges for the Nov. 20 pageants were:

Miss Bridgman – Gail Freehling; John Klein; and Angela Dupre.

Little Miss, Miss Junior Teen and Miss Teen – Virginia Goodenough; Megan Hildebrandt; Maya Schuhknecht.

Also participating in the Nov. 20 pageants were: (Little Miss) Annabella Arrieta, Ariel Munson, Cassidy Walsh, and Lily Munson; (Miss Junior Teen) Alivia Munson, Jazlyn Culbertson and Zoey, Mallette; (Miss Teen) Kate Sanders, Abigail Stevens, Katie Buist, Brookelyn Rochefort, Kate Starbuck and Peyton Adams.

Emcees for the first pageant were Krystin Buist (Miss Bridgman 2019 and Second Runner-up to Miss Blossomtime) and Sarah Boughner Stanage (Miss Bridgman 2018). Hosting the Miss and Mr. Bridgman Pageant were Wild Bill Lewis and Sin’cere Taylor.

The Blossomtime Festival’s 2022 theme is Past, Present, Future of Blossomtime.

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