BENTON TOWNSHIP — Berrien County has kept a steady rate of new COVID-19 cases for about two weeks now, the Berrien County Health Department (BCHD) reported on Friday, Aug. 21.

New cases average out to about 11.5 new cases per day.

Since Aug. 14, Berrien County gained 66 new COVID-19 cases, 74 recoveries and two deaths. The previous week the county recorded 82 cases, 83 recoveries and two deaths.

With deaths and recoveries, the county was at about 86 active COVID-19 cases Aug. 21. That’s down from 96 the week before and 99 the week before that. In total, the county (as of Aug. 21) now has had 1,317 cases, 1,162 recoveries, 69 deaths and 244 presumed cases.

Berrien County is also holding steady with its 3 percent average positivity rate, according to the BCHD. That’s the number of tests coming back positive.

As of Aug. 18, the state reported the county was doing an average of 570 tests a day.

In addition, Spectrum Health Lakeland’s COVID-19 patient count has steadily dropped over the last few weeks, from 13 patients on Aug. 7, to seven patients on Aug. 14 and four patients Friday morning.

No new outbreaks at long-term care facilities were reported during the week in Berrien, Cass or Van Buren counties.

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