BRIDGMAN — The Bridgman High School Class of 2020 is second to none in Berrien County when it comes to excelling on the SAT College Entrance Exam.

High School Counselor Keri Haskins said the BHS senior class had the highest average SAT Test scores not just in Berrien, but in the tri-county area (also Van Buren and Cass counties). and 45th in the state.

The college entrance exam was taken by all 48 members of the senior class in the spring of 2019 when they were still juniors.

The average score of the 1,113 — about 30 points above the second-place district (St. Joseph) ranked 45th in the state. The rest of the top 10 districts in Berrien Country were: 3. Lakeshore; 4. Buchanan; 5. Niles; 6. New Buffalo; 7. Berrien Springs; 8. Brandywine; 9. River Valley; 10. Watervliet.

“We have a really bright senior class, good leadership skills, they work really hard and they realize the importance of post-secondary education whether they’re going to college, whether they’re doing trade school or apprenticeship, going to the  military, they realize they need to be college-and career-ready for any of that,” Haskins said.

Students and staff members gathered for a celebratory waffle and french toast breakfast bar with all the fixings on the morning of Thursday, Sept. 19.

“It’s a huge accomplishment, and it’s the hard work that you guys have done,” Principal Gerald Heath told the assembled seniors.

Haskins noted that the State of Michigan made the SAT its official college entrance exam a fews years ago.

She said the staff and students have been working hard for the past few years on “some systemic changes to raise our SAT scores.”

Students take the PSAT twice a year and doing test prep in the winter prior to the test taken by juniors in the spring. She said eighth graders started taking the PSAT last spring as well.

Heath said since Michigan went from the ACT to the SAT as its official test, Bridgman’s 2019 score was the second-highest in Berrien County.

He also thanked the teachers, noting that they take a day to “dig into SAT data, see where you guys are at, and make sure they build their curriculum around that.”

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