Police Commendations

Bridgman Police Chief Daniel Unruh (center) recently presented commendations to Officer Jonathon Foster (left) and Sergeant Tom LaVanway.

BRIDGMAN – Bridgman Police Chief Daniel Unruh presented Letters of Commendation to Officer Jonathon Foster and Sergeant Tom LaVanway for their professional response during recent incidents.

Foster received two commendations for life-saving incidents.

The first occurred the night of Oct. 21 when he responded to a report of a possible suicide. Foster was able to locate and immediately remove the rope from a distraught male’s neck.

“Due to the concerned citizen initially reporting the incident along with your quick actions, this tragedy was averted … I would like to take this time to recognize and thank you for your dedication to the City of Bridgman along with your professional response to this incident which could have ended much worse,” said Unruh in his commendation.

Foster also was cited for his action on the following day when he successfully administered a dose of Naloxone (Narcan) following first-aid efforts to an unresponsive male victim. The victim later recovered after further treatment for a drug overdose at a local hospital.

“Had it not been for Officer Foster’s quick response and actions, the subject may not be alive today,” Unruh said.

LaVanway received recognition for his quick response and actions in alerting residents of Sunset Landing apartments of the Oct. 3 fire that threatened them. LaVanway’s actions are credited with allowing many tenants of the 58-unit building to escape the smoke-filled apartments and hallways with no reported injuries.

“Upon arriving at the scene, you immediately advised dispatch there was smoke coming from the roof area which was subsequently communicated to the responding fire departments. You then entered the apartment building with little regard for your own safety and began evacuating residents by knocking on doors,” said the commendation, noting that “actions such as these do not go unnoticed or unappreciated.”

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