BRIDGMAN — Bridgman Public Schools awarded its superintendent a three-year contract extension after he recently received a favorable review.

Superintendent Shane Peters received a highly effective rating during his annual performance review with the Bridgman Board of Education. The board unanimously agreed to provide a the extension on his current contract through June 2022.

As part of the review, the board noted that Bridgman students continue to improve and excel in Berrien County and state averages in English language arts and math. Bridgman students who took the spring 2019 M-STEP and the spring SAT assessments in English language arts and math scored above the state and Berrien County averages for percentages of proficiency.

“Superintendent Peters continued to provide strong leadership focused on enhancing student achievement and growth,” the board said in a news release.

Bridgman Public Schools has a graduation rate of greater than 95 percent and daily student attendance at all three school buildings remains above 90 percent.

During the 2018-19 school year, new learning opportunities were added to benefit student achievement and growth. A new fifth grade-scheduling concept was added and there was an expansion of targeted, small group intervention groups at F.C. Reed Middle School.

STEM Lab programs were expanded and a greater number of students are taking off-campus CTE classes. There were additional programs added and many new programs and opportunities are planned to be offered in the 2020-21school year.

Peters is an active member of the community and established relationships with local businesses and community leaders. He is a member of many service clubs such as the Bridgman Chamber and Growth Alliance, Bridgman Foundation for Educational Excellence, Lory’s Place and the Southwest Michigan Regional Chamber.

The Bridgman Board of Education thanked Peters in the release for his continued service, dedication and leadership of Bridgman Public Schools.

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