HARBERT — After discussion on the matter on Feb. 11 there was a 5-0 vote by members of the Chikaming Township Board to decline the request of Harbert property owner John Coupe for the township to make a purchase offer on a piece of triangle-shaped property that includes 500 feet of lakefront.

While members found the inclusion of 500 feet of rare lakefront property intriguing, the discussion included information that the parcel was located in a homeowner’s association, had very little access for parking, had a very steep set of stairs leading to and from the lake, and that an adjoining property owner had the first right of refusal on any sale proposal.

Trustee Rich Sullivan noted that Chikaming Open Lands had a piece of property in the area and that the parcel’s acquisition may be something that local conservation and preservation organization may want to look into.

With an eye on the upcoming end to the current 2020-21 fiscal year on March 31, the Township Board unanimously adopted a number of budget amendments.

The first was to transfer $34,000 to the Zoning Department to pay for the cost of consultant work associated with the Harbert improvement project.

The next was the addition of $25,000 to the Building Fund for the expense of the implementation of the Host Compliance/Granicus rental properties program.

Finally, there was the removal of $250,000 from this fiscal year’s budget that will be added to next year’s fiscal year budget to be used toward the purchase of the Reed Beidler Trust property that adjoins Cherry Beach and is being acquired via the Cherry Beach Project.

In another Feb. 11 matter, a motion to approve a new annual contract with the Medic 1 ambulance service with a three percent cost of living expense addition received unanimous consent.

Correspondence included a letter from the U.S. Department of Commerce thanking Chikaming Township for its partnership during the recent Census. The township recorded nearly a 70-percent response rate.

At the request and recommendation of the county, a resolution to adopt an Interlocal Agreement for a Designated Assessor when and where needed received unanimous approval.

It was noted that the township already has the services of an assessor.

Finally, it was announced that the township’s proposed Shoreline Armoring Ordinance that was on the agenda for the board’s special meeting that convened Feb. 4 was still under review.

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