In Ditch

A Baroda man was saved from drowning on Dec. 14 after his pickup truck rolled over into a flooded ditch on Date Road.

BRIDGMAN — Tragedy was averted when the Baroda-Lake Township police chief and a Lake Township fire captain responded to a rollover accident and saved the driver from drowning in a flooded ditch on Dec. 14.

At around 3:45 p.m. that Saturday police were dispatched to Date and Linco roads, in Lake Township, for a pickup truck that was upside down in drainage ditch. The accident occurred when the driver, a 54-year-old Baroda man whose name was not released, was traveling northbound on Date Road and swerved to miss a deer. He called the 911 center and said that water was quickly filling up the cab of the truck.

Baroda-Lake Township Police Chief Shawn Martin and Lake Township Fire Rescue Captain Michael Essig were first on the scene. They used a window punch to break the driver’s- side window and were able to pull the driver partially out of the vehicle so his head was out and he could breathe.

When other emergency responders arrived, the driver was then pulled all the way out and onto land.

The driver was treated at the scene by Medic 1 Ambulance and released.

“This traffic accident could have been tragic if it wasn’t for the 911 dispatcher keeping the driver calm until help arrived,” Martin said. “The driver staying calm and not panicking was essential. You couldn’t ask for any better outcome. The first responders were also on the scene within a couple minutes of the call.”

The Baroda-Lake Township Police Department was assisted by Bridgman and Lincoln Township police departments, Lincoln Township Fire Department, Lake Twp. Fire/Rescue, and Medic 1 Ambulance.

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