ST. JOSEPH — Berrien County Commissioner Mac Elliott was once again selected as chairman of the county board of commissioners during an organizational meeting Thursday.

This is the second consecutive time he was chosen by his fellow commissioners for the two-year term. He was also chairman in 1991.

Commissioner Ezra Scott was selected for the one-year term as the vice chairman for the second time.

Elliott also announced the new committee assignments.

Commissioner Bob Harrison was named the new chairman of the Personnel and Human Services committee. He takes the place of Bill Chickering, who retired.

New Commissioner Rayonte Bell was placed on the committee, along with Commissioner Dave Vollrath. Harrison said they will choose a vice chairman at a later date.

Commissioner Jim Curran will remain as the chairman of the administrative committee.

On the committee is new Commissioner Julie Wuerfel, along with Commissioners Don Meeks and Michael Majerek. Meeks was named vice chairman.

Commissioner Mamie Yarbrough will remain as chairwoman of the Finance Committee, which also includes Commissioners Jon Hinkelman, Teri Freehling and Ezra Scott. Hinkelman was named the vice chairman.

After the committee assignments were announced, Curran said at a later meeting that there will be at least one change next week. Vollrath and Majerek are expected to switch places, with Vollrath being placed on the administrative committee and Majerek on the personnel committee.

In addition, Elliott reappointed Freehling as the parliamentarian, Curran as the sergeant at arms and Yarbrough as chaplain.

Commissioners also approved the 2021 calendar of meetings. Commissioners usually meet at 10:30 a.m. every Thursday morning, with a few night meetings scheduled around the county.

But since the COVID-19 pandemic started last March, all of the meetings were switched to the morning and are being held virtually, with residents able to watch them on the county’s YouTube channel.

Elliott said that night meetings can be scheduled at a later date once a larger portion of the population is vaccinated.

The only Thursdays when no meetings are scheduled are when they fall on the fifth Thursday of the month, or on a holiday.

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