NEW TROY — On March 19th the Friends of New Troy and Red Arrow Roasters partnered with the Coastline Children’s Film Festival for a Gather, Flapjacks & Flicks event.

Live entertainment was provided by Brandon Woodcox while screenings of “Kid Flicks One” took place in two of the center’s rooms.

Terry Hanover of the Friends of New Troy said it’s great to have people in the Community Center again.

“Having the pancake breakfast has kind of renewed that senes of social hour,” he said.

The Friends have now held three second Saturday “Gather” events at the Community Center (a hike on newly cleared nature trails was held in January and a Gather & Pamper day took place in February). Planned for April 9 is Gather & Double Debut. Featuring the latest documentary on the history of New Troy (“Claim to Fame”) and the unveiling of the Community Center’s Historical Room.

Hanover said the documentary tells the story of how New Troy cam to be known as “The Center of the World” while providing an idea of what life was like in the community in 1870.

The Coastline Children’s Film Festival takes place March 18-27 in 10 locations throughout Berrien County. Upcoming local events include a screening of “Jim Button and the Wild 13” at noon on March 26 at the Three Oaks Township Library.

For more on the 12th annual Coastline Children’s Film Festival visit

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