UNION PIER — The Galien River Sanitary District (BRSD) Sewer Authority began installing a new sanitary sewer along Red Arrow Highway between Union Pier Road and Berrien Street on April 20.

The project has left the Red Arrow Highway and the Townline/Union Pier Road intersection and a surrounding stretch of Red Arrow Highway closed to traffic. Local traffic can still access some drives in the area, and access to local businesses will be maintained throughout the project, but no through traffic is being permitted. The posted detour route is Kruger Road to Lakeside Road to Warren Woods Road. The intersection will remain closed until Memorial Day weekend (weather permitting). Temporary closures of Red Arrow Highway at Community Hall Road and Berrien Street will also be required.

The GRSD project also includes installation of water main beneath Red Arrow Highway at Community Hall Road and temporary water services for New Buffalo Township customers adjacent to the sewer work.

“At least they’re doing it now, not in summer,” said Milda Rudaitis while watching the project move forward from the front window of her Milda’s Corner Market on April 24. “They say the intersection should be open, at least two lanes, by Memorial Day.”

She noted that is Milda’s offering take-out food and drinks, groceries (all the basics including flour, yeast and toilet paper) from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. seven days a week.

The GRSD’s contractor for the project, Prein & Newhof, on May 1 listed the following information on its website related to the project (www.preinnewhof.com/construction_projects/grsd-sewer-auth-union-pier/):

Work completed this past week:

• Community Hall Road water main crossing completed and restored, and water main acceptance testing completed.

• De-watering equipment installed in Townline Road and Union Pier intersection.

• Sanitary sewer materials began arriving.

• Excavation for the sanitary sewer began.

• Contractor anticipates working Saturdays.

What to expect for the week of May 4 – 9:

• Sanitary sewer installation in the Union Pier Road intersection.

The GRSD will also be replacing existing sanitary sewer in Townline Avenue between Greenwood Avenue and Red Arrow Highway. The sewer work is being completed in advance of the Red Arrow Highway Union Pier Corridor Improvements Project road and streetscape improvements scheduled to begin in July. The multi-pronged road project is designed to yield a new streetscape in downtown Union Pier, a three-lane “road diet” set-up on Red Arrow Highway, the first section of a proposed linear park style non-motorized pathway and more.

The overall schedule for the GRSD work follows:

Phase 1 (April 20 – May 22)

• Union Pier and Red Arrow Highway intersection will be closed.

• Sewer construction will be on-going in Townline Avenue and in the Union Pier/Red Arrow Highway intersection.

• Temporary water services installed as necessary.

• Water main installation beneath Red Arrow Highway at Community Hall Road (Red Arrow Highway temporarily closed).

• Sanitary sewer installation beneath Red Arrow Highway at Berrien Street (Red Arrow Highway temporarily closed).

Phase 2 (May 26 – August 28)

• Union Pier and Red Arrow Highway intersection will open. Red Arrow Highway will reduce to one northbound and one southbound lane.

• Sewer construction will be on-going adjacent to Red Arrow Highway between Union Pier Road and Berrien Street.

Once work begins, work will generally be conducted between the hours of 7 a.m. and 8 p.m. on Monday through Friday, with possible work on Saturdays. The work will be completed by Kalin Construction Company, a local contracting firm. For the safety of all residents and construction crews, residents are asked to stay out of the construction area at all times and to be aware of construction equipment in the area. 

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