MICHIANA SHORES — Local Realtor Dan Coffey reported that a lakefront house at Stop 37 in Michiana Shores completed  with at least 50 feet of beach in front of the boulders two years ago is now seriously threatened by the rising waters of Lake Michigan.

“The boulders were covered with sand and not visible when the house was completed. Vegetation line was a bit lakeward of the boulders. It appears that they have driven helical pillars to support the basement that has been undercut by the water on the northerly side. Cracked walls inside I would guess. $1.3 million for the package of land and new house according the disclosure docs at Township.”

He said the sand went out 50 feet in front of the house prior to October 2014 Halloween storms. As recent as 2019 summer, the stones were exposed but the house looked safe behind the boulders.

“I think we have lost 40 plus  feet (measured between road and vegetation line) of vegetated land  in the past 4 weeks.”

Coffey called for the governor to declare the area disaster, enabling people to write off their losses for losing their house to the lake.

“Otherwise, nothing.”

He said the latest USACE report indicates that Lake Michigan had 57 percent more precipitation in October than the average for that month for the period of 1900 to 2017, storms have had waves over 600 feet above sea level, and water was measured  at 581. 2 in October — down a bit from 581.5 in the summer. 

“If I read the report correctly the total water supplies into Lake Michigan-Huron are over 100 times normal for October.”

Coffey said the all-time high in October of 1986 was just 2 inches below 582. The all-time low was January 2013 was about 576.6 above sea level.

He concluded by saying “The Lake always wins.”

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