Audrey Tuszynski (left) and Abby Voss serve drive-up customers at the June 19 New Buffalo Farmers Market.

NEW BUFFALO — The New Buffalo Farmers Market kicked off its 2020 drive-up format on Friday, June 19, at the corner of Merchant and Whittaker streets (hours will be 9 to 11 a.m. Fridays).

The July 3 Market marked the return of a walk-through market (customers and vendors are required to wear face masks and social-distancing is a must).

Most items can be picked up on Merchant street between North Whittaker and Thompson between 9 and 11 a.m. Fridays

During the June 17 NBBA Facebook Live Chat it was announced that there would be no 2020 Ship & Shore Festival.

Voss said they took their cue from Chicago’s Lollapalooza (which would have taken place the same second weekend in August) in deciding to cancel the summer festival.

“We’re looking forward to maybe some other events that we can incorporate into the summer, whether it be drive-up concerts or things like that. We’re working on stuff, it just will not be in the form of Ship and Shore that we all know and love,” Voss said.

The official NBBA press release included the following: The New Buffalo Business Association, in collaboration with Open Air Events have had to make the difficult to cancel our annual Ship and Shore Festival for August 6-9 2020. It may not come as a surprise, as many of our neighboring communities have been canceling summer celebrations across the board.

The health and safety of our residents, business owners, and tourists are always going to be our number one priority. As businesses come out of pandemic hibernation, there has been a surge of positive COVID-19 cases revisiting communities across the country. Our humble, single-stop-light beach town needs its visitors and tourists to survive. Though, we are about 60 days from when the event would take place, we need to take these precautions now, so our restaurants, shops, real estate offices, beaches and water activities can continue for you and your family, safely, as the summer continues.   

Our NBBA mission statement reads — “The NBBA is a partnership of business and community members who share a common goal to promote healthy business growth in New Buffalo through activities and events”. Though not everyone is aware, the NBBA hosts most of the events in our town, year round.

As a non-profit, our funds for every single event come directly from the donations of our members and local business owners. It would be unjustifiable for us to ask our local businesses to donate more than they already have, while still trying to figure out how to get back on their feet after the COVID pandemic.

We hope even though we may not have our normal summer festivals, you will still shop, dine, relax and recharge in New Buffalo and around Harbor Country. Let’s take the remainder of our year and focus on building our brick and mortars bigger than ever!

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