Station 2

The current Station 2 fire house with a view of the land that could house its successor in the background.

NEW BUFFALO — The New Buffalo Township Board moved closer to acquiring a 12.9-acre property for a new fire house during a Monday, May 13, special meeting.

The board voted 4-0 (Pete Rahm was absent) to have Anterro Group conduct Phase 2 of an environmental assessment of the property for $9,250.

Township Supervisor Michelle Heit said three partially buried barrels were found during the first phase of the assessment and a second phase is needed to make sure there is no contamination in the area where they are before the purchase goes through.

After the vote, Heit said the land is wanted as the site for a new Fire Station 2 building and possibly a park.

She said the current Fire Station 2 (built in the 1960s) can barely hold modern fire trucks, is not on the best of shape, and is located on a small parcel of land.

Heit said the plan is to close on the land in June.

The Township Board voted on Feb. 7 to offer $380,000 for the land adjacent (“almost right next door”) to the current Fire Station No. 2 on U.S. 12 between Lubke and Wilson roads. 

The Board on March 18 said it will seek approval from The Pokagon Fund to use funds from its account to pay half of the sale price of the property.

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