BENTON TOWNSHIP — Though Berrien County’s COVID-19 numbers contin­ued to plateau this week, local health officials are still warn­ing of community spread of the virus.

“While we continue to see new clusters of cases pop up, the majority of our new cases are from widespread commu­nity transmission across the en­tire county,” the Berrien Coun­ty Health Department (BCHD) wrote on its Facebook page Fri­day, Aug. 7, in its weekly update.

This week the county added 76 new cases and 65 new re­coveries.

The one COVID-19 death recorded this week was a per­son in their 90s who lived at a long-term care facility, ac­cording to the BCHD.

There are now about 99 ac­tive COVID-19 cases in the county. That’s up from 89 last Friday, but down from 141 the week before. In total, the county as of Aug. 7 has had 1,169 cases, 1,005 recov­eries, 65 deaths and 241 pre­sumed positive cases.

Spectrum Health Lakeland was treating 13 COVID-19 patients as of Friday morn­ing. That’s two more than on Thursday and the same as the previous Friday.

As of Aug. 4, about 2.2 percent of Berrien County’s COVID-19 tests were coming back positive. That’s with an average of 567 tests daily. Last week the county had about 3.7 percent of its tests coming back positive.

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