UNION PIER — Red Arrow Highway in Union Pier re-opened to traffic (one lane in each direction) in time for the Fourth of July weekend after a massive  GRSD Sewer Authority project in the "downtown" area (Townline Avenue between Greenwood Avenue and Red Arrow Highway) was finished.

Sewer work is ongoing along Red Arrow Highway north of Union Pier as a new sanitary sewer is installed between Union Pier Road and Berrien Street.

A major Red Arrow Highway Union Pier Corridor Improvements Project is slated to begin in late July, starting around Community Hall Road and moving north (with two lanes of traffic maintained on the highway).

That project includes:

    • Reconstruction and streetscaping at the intersection with Union Pier Road/Townline Road;

    • Mill and Resurface from Community Hall Road to Union Pier Self Storage and from Goodwin to Berrien Street;

    • A three-lane section, including a dedicated center left turn lane for business access;

    • Sidewalk for pedestrian access at and around the intersection of Red Arrow Hwy. and Union Pier Road;

    • An activated pedestrian crossing system for East-West crossing of Red Arrow Hwy.;

• A 10-foot-wide non-motorized path extending from Community Hall Road to Berrien Street;

• A new public restroom facility;

• Improved stormwater infrastructure in the intersection;

• Additional parking areas for access to shops and restaurants

Updates can be accessed at www.preinnewhof.com/construction_projects/grsd-sewer-auth-union-pier/ and  https://gowightman.com/project-updates/red-arrow-highway-union-pier-corridor-improvements-project.

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