THREE OAKS — Three Oaks Township Supervisor George Mangold, during the Sept. 13 meeting of the Township Board, announced the results of a speed study for south sections of Three Oaks Road that had been requested by the township and was done by the Berrien County Road Department (BCRD).

In a letter to Mangold written by Michael Juengling, Traffic Safety Supervisor for the BCRD, the following traffic counts were summarized: Near Phillips Road, 1,072 vehicles were counted in a 24 hour period with an 85th percentile speed of 56.2 mph. The current speed limit there is 55 mph, and no change in the speed limit is expected.

East of Martin Road 655 vehicles were counted during a 24 hour period with an 85th percentile speed of 52.3 mph. The current speed limit in that section of the roadway is 45 mph. Juengling commented in his correspondence that it was possible that the Michigan State Police (MSP) may increase the speed limit there to 50 or 55 mph.

South of Spring Creek Road 474 vehicles were counted in a 24 hour period with an 85th percentile speed of 50.3 mph. The current speed limit there is 55 mph, and Juengling stated that he thought it was possible that the MSP may post the speed limit at 50 mph or keep it at the current 55 mph.

The township had requested the speed study due to concerns about speed limits there being too high when considering the fact that it is a route heavily traveled by bicyclists.

In his letter Juengling told Mangold that he had submitted his data to the MSP on May 21st and that it can sometimes take six months or more to receive a new traffic control order.

In other business, a motion to respond to the request of Fire Chief Dave Flick and donate $200 to the Crisis Incident Stress Management (CISM) team carried unanimously.

The CISM team makes its services available to First Responders dealing with emotional stress after responding to very stressful incidents. They operate free of charge, and they were called in by Flick following the fatal accident Aug. 15 in Three Oaks when a pedestrian was struck by an Amtrak train.

Also on the agenda, a motion to approve the request by members of the Three Oaks Community Garden for $3,752 in funding to make improvements such as 15 planting beds that need replacement, four solar security lights and two garden waste curb cans carried by a 5-1 tally.

It was announced that Mangold was submitting a letter to The Pokagon Fund requesting a grant for an estimated $12,000 to fund the purchase and installation of a 4’ x 8’ double-sided full color LED display sign that would be placed in front of Three Oaks Township Hall at 6810 U.S. 12.

In his correspondence Mangold stated that the use of the sign would allow the township to place information in a highly visible format concerning meeting dates and times, community events, alerts, and any other information that will benefit residents as well as those visiting the community.

In another matter related to The Pokagon Fund, Mangold emailed a copy of the township’s Residential Zoning Ordinance study that was requested by that organization’s Executive Director, Dan Petersen.

After a brief discussion, a resolution to appoint Ron Oatsvall Jr. as Assistant Building Inspector was adopted with unanimous support.

Finally, the Board members are still on schedule to submit their questions and comments pertaining to the township’s proposed Recreational Marijuana Ordinance to Mangold by Sept. 30.

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