HARBERT — The River Valley Garden Club’s annual Plant Sale returned to Harbert Community Park on Saturday, May 22, after taking 2020 off due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Susan Stevens of the Garden Club called the sale “the social event of the season.”

“To us it is – we look forward to it,” she noted. “And we’re all happy to see each other as well.”

This year’s Plant Sale proved more popular than ever.

Less than a half hour into the event (which began at 10 a.m.) there was a line stretching through the Harbert Community Park pavilion and many of the sale tables were nearly cleaned off (luckily many Garden Club members had more in reserve).

“We are so thrilled with the turnout this year, it’s just going bonkers!” said club member Angela Reichert.”We missed everyone last year and it’s obvious that everyone missed us.”

Many of the club’s 70-plus members brought perennials, native plants, ground covers, herbs, flowers, bushes, vegetable seedlings such as tomatoes, bulbs, small trees and more from their own gardens.

Mary Anderson said she brought some Fourth of July tomatoes that she started from seeds (they are so named because they normally bear fruit by that mid-summer holiday).

Dorothy Palen was offering cone flowers, feverfew and un unidentified lily – and all were gone in less than an hour.

“That’s OK, I don’t want to take ‘em home,” she said. “I think people like flowers.”

Reichert said River Valley Garden Cub members are excited to see what their colleagues have brought to the sale, but they can’t shop until the sale is officially over.

Stevens said the Plant Sale is a time when new members join the club.

“They see the camaraderie, and I always say it’s a fund-raiser but it’s also a fun-raiser.”

The River Valley Garden Club was founded in 1967 to encourage an interest in all aspects of gardening and horticulture through the study of nature, conservation and design, and participation in projects which beautify, educate and benefit the communities it serves. The club supports organizations related to nature and gardening, such as the Berrien County Youth Fair, Chikaming Open Lands, Fernwood Botanical Garden, Sarrett Nature Preserve and Michigan Garden Clubs Scholarship Funds.

Anyone with an interest in gardening is welcome to join a club that has field trips, guest speakers, a member’s plant auction, and hands-on workshops in addition to the annual Plant Sale. The club is also involved in service projects throughout the year. For more information contact Elizabeth Palulis at 269-426-3513 or email her at evpalulis@yahoo.com. Also visit the club’s website, rivervalleygardenclub.org.

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