THREE OAKS — The River Valley Board of Education voted 7-0 to offer the position of superintendent to Douglas Scott Bojanich during a June 10 special Zoom meeting that included hour-long interviews with three finalists.

Scott is currently Director of Alternative Education Rockingham County Public Schools, Harrisonburg, Va.

Also interviewed were: Dr. Richard Klee, Ph.D., Director of Curriculum, Crestwood School District, Mich.; and Dr. Ryan Goble, Ed.D., Principal (elementary) Benton Harbor Area Schools;

Board members had praise for all three, with President Dave Whitlow saying they had “three great final candidates”

“We are very … blessed to have such quality candidates,” said board member Vicky Wagner.

Current River Valley Superintendent William Kearney is set to retire at the end of the current school year.

Jay Bennett, assistant director of Executive Search Services for the Michigan Association of School Boards said the next step is to reach out to the candidates (to seek acceptance of the offer and begin contract negotiations in the case of Scott). As of June 16 contract terms were being discussed.

He said the board may have to hold a special meeting if negotiations with Scott do not result in an agreement or if he takes another position.

The Board of Education conducted first-round remote interviews with six candidates for the position of superintendent over two evenings (May 19 and 20),

Also participating in the first-round interviews were: Greg Blomgren, Principal (high school) St. Joseph Public Schools; Dr. Michael Dunn, Ed.D., Principal (elementary) Buchanan Community Schools; and Susanne Carpenter, Principal (elementary) Atherton Community Schools.

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