THREE OAKS — River Valley School District Superintendent Scott Bojanich sent out the following note to the River Valley School Community on Sunday, Nov. 8:

This afternoon, the health department has communicated to us that we will have many students and staff in isolation and/or quarantined. Due to this, we do not have the extra staff to maintain an adequate learning environment for face-to-face instruction.

Therefore, all River Valley schools will be closed to face-to-face instruction (reverting to virtual instruction) for the entire week, 11/9-11-13.

The letter went on to note that high school students may still attend C.T.E. classes and off-campus programs.

On Nov. 5 Bojanich posted that the district had been notified that a staff member at Three Oaks Elementary had tested positive for the Covid-19 virus.

Additionally, eleven students at Chikaming Elementary School and three students at the River Valley Middle/High school have been told to self-quarantine. Students who are required to self-quarantine will continue to have access to instruction and supports will be offered to continue to assist them until they are able to safely return to school.

The District will continue to work with the Health Department in the future to help identify any other staff or students who test positive for Covid-19, require quarantine or classified as probable cases.Those individuals are notified separately, and protective measures, as directed by the Health Department and the individuals’ health care provider, are implemented which may include a required quarantine period due to the exposure. Health officials will likely interview and provide assistance directly to individuals with an elevated risk of exposure who may have been in recent close contact with the affected person. The District will continue to thoroughly clean and sanitize all classrooms within the district on a daily basis.

New Buffalo Area Schools

During the New Buffalo Area Schools Board of Education’s Nov. 9 regular meeting Superintendent Dr. Jeff Leslie said “right now we’ve got 47 students in quarantine and we’ve got one probable case.”

He said two Fridays ago as of midnight there were zero students in quarantine.

“By 9:30 that Saturday morning I got my first call from the Berrien County Health Department, so we had one positive case and that put about 18 or so kids in quarantine. And then that Sunday … we had another positive case and one probable case. I think all told at our highest we probably had 62 kids that were in quarantine, and now some of those kids are coming back.”

Leslie said he hasn’t received any more calls from the Health Department since a week ago yesterday.

“The numbers here in Berrien County are just really skyrocketing,” he noted.

Leslie said New Buffalo continues to do a lot of cleaning between classes, adding that it’s important for people to continue maintaining social distancing and wearing masks so the district can continue with in-person learning.

“We’ve got zero teachers who are being quarantined … no employees that are a positive case or a probable case.”

Bridgman Schools

The Bridgman Public Schools website posted the following numbers on those in quarantine (and confirmed positive for COVID-19) as of Nov. 9: Bridgman Elementary - 35 in quarantine (1 positive); Reed Middle School - 31 (2); Bridgman High School - 25 (1); Bridgman Public Schools Staff - 8 (3); Total Staff and Students - 99 (7).

In a Nov. 8 letter reporting that a student had tested positive, Superintendent Shane Peters wrote: We must all partner together to continue with face-to-face instruction and keep our staff and students safe and healthy.

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