THREE OAKS — A River Valley High School teacher was placed on administrative leave March 7 while an alleged inappropriate relationship with a student is investigated.

The River Valley Schools released the following press release on Tuesday, March 12:

“River Valley School District recently became aware of misconduct allegations involving a Middle/High School teacher. As a result, the District immediately placed teacher, Richard Jasso, on paid administrative leave pending the outcome of an investigation.

The District has notified law enforcement and other appropriate state agencies of the concerns and is fully cooperating with their investigation.

‘Our first priority is always the well-being of our students,’ said Will Kearney,

Superintendent of Schools. ‘When allegations arise regarding a staff member, we immediately place the employee on a paid leave of absence to ensure a fair due process pending an investigation.’

District officials noted that additional support will be provided to any individuals that may have been involved. In addition, while the District investigates, a qualified substitute teacher has been placed in Mr. Jasso’s classroom. Any questions or concerns regarding classroom work assignments or school concerns should be directed to building principals.

The district leadership has noted that in these types of situations, it is human nature to want to speculate and discuss what may have occurred. Often this type of discussion is more harmful than helpful.

Superintendent Kearney noted, ‘Out of respect for everyone involved, let’s not speculate. Instead, let’s focus our discussions on the many positive things that have occurred over the course of this school year and allow the investigations to run their course.’

As allegations are investigated, if anyone should have information of concern regarding Mr. Jasso, they should contact the Michigan State Police at 269-683-4411.”

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