THREE OAKS — Supervisor George Mangold announced during the May 10 meeting of the Three Oaks Township Board that he had signed a Special Land Use (SLU) application necessary for the sale of the Enterprise Park property to Farnan Farms, LLC, to move forward.

The proposed property use for the 70-acre parcel located on the southeast corner of Schwark Road and U.S. 12 is for Farnan Farms to build and operate a vertically integrated adult-use marijuana facility at that site, including licenses for a grow, processing and retail location. The application paperwork also noted that a key focus would be spent on security and integrity in the product they produce.

The plan is for the project to be done in two phases.

The initial phase will be the construction of a 14,000-square-foot processing facility and two 10,000-square-foot indoor cultivation centers.

The second phase will be the development of a state-of-the-art marijuana retail center that “… fits with the charm found only in Three Oaks.”

Farnan Farms estimates they will hire 40 to 45 full time employees who will work in shifts of 20 to 25, with hours of operation from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Mangold said that the amended sale agreement was reviewed by new township attorney James McGovern.

“He told me that he saw no legal impediment to the sale, so it was able to proceed,” Magold said. “This removes us from the process, and now it’s just between the investment group and the Village of Three Oaks.

In 2015 the township and the village entered into a 425 Agreement to better market the property, and that collaborative effort between the two jurisdictions has proven to be a success.

Clerk Liz Zabel was able to locate the title to the property and confirm that the township was the legal owner.

Mangold said the next step in the process would be a site plan application review that he anticipated would take place sometime in June.

In other business, Mangold reported that the township’s proposed Marijuana Ordinance was still in the process of being reviewed and redrafted by McGovern, prior to it being submitted to the Board members for their review and approval.

Also on the agenda, Mangold said that the agreement with the Berrien County Road Department for road work this year with matching funds will cost the township a total of $32,487.

Scheduled for road work are Avery Road, Phillips Road, and South Walnut Court.

After discussion on the matter, a motion to make changes to the two Public Comment sections of the monthly agendas received unanimous approval.

Beginning with the June 14 meeting the first three minute Public Comment opportunity will be limited to items appearing on the agenda, and the second Public Comment opportunity will be open to all general comments.

Zabel reported that all the pertinent documents and information required for the township’s annual audit had been gathered.

Finally, a plaque was presented to longtime township Electrical Inspector Charlie Basinger in recognition of his retirement after 25 years of service to the community.

It was noted that Basinger was one of the first in the state to be certified for that position, and proof of that was that his license was number 39.

“It has been an honor and a privilege to have had him in that position for so long,” Mangold commented.

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