THREE OAKS — Supervisor George Mangold and clerk Liz Zabel reported on the American Recovery Act session they attended at Lake Michigan College on July 21 during the Aug. 9 meeting of the Three Oaks Township Board.

Mangold said that the township is slated to receive $96,400 in American Recovery Act funds, and the Village of Three Oaks a total of $161,713.

“We’re scheduled to receive half of that amount this fall, and the other half next spring,” Mangold reported. “We met our application deadline, and we were advised to spend it cautiously.

“One of the takeaways was to ‘Take the funds quickly, but spend them slowly,’” he continued. “For instance, if we want to use it to expand broadband we may want to hold off because there is the possibility that federal or even state funds may become available to help with that.”

There were 29 municipalities participating.

Zabel also said that she found the session very informative.

“One of the things discussed was the possibility of pooling funds with other municipalities,” she commented.

In other business, after discussion on the matter, a motion for the township to go on the record as having no desire to donate any land to the village for the establishment of an off-leash dog park.

Mangold said that a minimum of two fenced acres would be needed for that purpose.

“I love dogs, and in a perfect world people would always pick up after their pets, but that’s not reality,” he commented.

Also on the agenda, a motion on a request from the Southwest Michigan Land Conservancy to gain access to their Kesling Preserve on Forest Lawn Road via the Three Oaks Township Conservation Area for the purpose of planting trees next spring garnered unanimous support.

Also receiving unanimous support was a motion to spend $500 out of a $3,500 budget to do trimming and brush cutting work at the Three Oaks Township Conservation Area hiking trails, observation deck and parking area.

A request from fire chief Dave Flick for $1,109 in matching funds to obtain upgraded new portable radios for his firefighters received approval.

There was also discussion on the feasibility of purchasing an informational LED sign that would be placed in front of Township Hall.

Mangold said that he and the board members would do “homework” on the matter.

“These types of signs are becoming more common and a way to let more people know about meetings and other community events,” he said. “We’ll pursue this, and maybe we can get some funding from The Pokagon Fund.”

Mangold said that after being reviewed and amended by township attorney James McGovern, the township’s draft of the proposed Recreational Marijuana Ordinance the document should be reviewed by the board members, with any written comments or questions to be submitted to the attorney by Sept. 30.

Another step will be to welcome comments from the public. Once it is adopted by the board members it will be published, and then, after 40 days, it will become law.

Mangold said that timetable would probably reach its conclusion around the first of the year.

A resolution to appoint Zabel as the Local Revenue Sharing Board (LRSB) contact person to the LRSB at-large representative for the township was adopted unanimously.

Finally, it was announced that Erik Kruck, the township’s new Electrical Inspector, had been officially licensed by the state to perform his duties.

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