THREE OAKS — Three Oaks Township Supervisor George Mangold announced during the Oct. 11 Township Board meeting that the municipality had received the initial half payment from the American Rescue Plan in the form of a check for $48,200.

He and clerk Liz Zabel had attended a meeting pertaining to that federal funding that took place at Lake Michigan College. An additional workshop is scheduled to take place on Oct. 22.

Mangold reiterated that the township’s plan related to the American Rescue Plan funding remains the same – “Receive it quickly, but spend it slowly,” he said.

Also on Oct. 11, Mangold said that he and trustees Rexalee Gordon and Chris Mitchell had submitted comments and questions to township attorney James McGovern related to the township’s proposed Recreational Marijuana Ordinance prior to the Sept. 30 deadline to do so. That process continues to move forward.

Also on the agenda, there was continuing discussion on matters related to the Community Garden.

Mangold said that the garden space is on township property and still under the township’s tax ID number at the bank, but he said he felt that some sorting out needed to be done and some more clear guidelines needed to be established.

“I’d like to meet with some of their volunteers and continue to have a dialogue with them,” Mangold said. “We just have to come to some sort of understanding.

“My opinion is that they should be under the auspices of the Village of Three Oaks,” Mangold added.

Mangold also said that an email to The Pokagon Fund had been submitted inquiring about helping to fund an informational LED sign that would be located in front of Township Hall. He said he expected to receive an answer by mid-December.

After discussion on the subject, a motion to replace Zabel’s outdated computer with a new one at a cost not to exceed $1,000 received unanimous support.

Finally, Mangold said that an awning to protect Township Hall’s side service door had arrived and had been installed.

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