THREE OAKS — When they cast their ballots on Nov. 3 residents of Three Oaks Township will be asked to decide the fate of three Public Safety millage proposals. Village of Three Oaks residents will be requested to vote on two of the three.

Township voters will be asked to consider millage proposals to fund fire protection, ambulance service and police coverage while village residents will have ballot millage requests for the fire department and ambulance service.

The millage requests have been placed on the ballot to help compensate for a lost revenue stream that was the result of the closure of the Forest Lawn Landfill and the associated tipping fees that were terminated when the landfill stopped activities in the first quarter of 2017.

That revenue went into the Three Oaks Township General Fund where it was used to provide fire protection and ambulance services to the township and village, as well as police patrols in the township.

The millage proposals were hastened by a letter the township received from the State of Michigan’s Department of Treasury in September, 2019 stating that although the township’s General Fund contained a healthy reserve, “…expenditures have exceeded revenues for the last three years. The matter is either a violation of state statute or is a deficiency of the local unit that may impede the local unit’s ability to comply with state statute.” Furthermore, the township was asked to “…submit to us a detailed Corrective Action Plan to resolve the above mentioned matter.”

An informational town hall meeting on the public safety millage proposals with representatives from the township, village, fire department, police department and ambulance service in attendance is scheduled for 7 p.m. Wednesday, Sept. 23, at St. Mary of the Assumption Hall.

Copies of the ballot proposals are available at both the township and village halls.

There will also be a Marijuana Public Referendum on the Nov. 3 ballot.

In his monthly Fire Report submitted for the September meeting of the Three Oaks Township Board, Fire Chief Dave Flick noted that September is the month that the department’s engine 2020 and tanker 2032 are scheduled to have their annual maintenance service done and pump tests completed.

Flick added that in the near future the department will need to update the National Fire Incident Reporting System (NFIRS), and with that in mind he had contacted the Emergency Reporting System company and would be getting pricing on their services.

It has been announced that the first phase of the two phase project to renovate and preserve the historic Spring Creek Schoolhouse had been completed with an ending balance of $4,101.99

Finally, a request for a Special Land Use (SLU) permit from TowerKing to construct a telecommunications tower off Witt Road is being reviewed.

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