THREE OAKS – Approaching his second anniversary with the village, Three Oaks Village Manager Mike Greene was given a satisfactory rating with the suggestion to set goals for the coming year during the Wednesday, July 10, council meeting. 

Discussion of his contract and salary increase will be held during the following meeting on Aug. 14. Greene joined the village Aug. 1, 2017.

Trustee Colleen Newquist said council members agreed that Greene was readily available, good to work with and responded on a timely basis. Areas listed for improvement included community relations, contractor oversight with updates for the council, proactive communications and follow through, citing the remodeling of the police department as an example. Later in the meeting, Greene reported the remodeling was delayed due to the police chief’s accident this spring.

“Mike's evaluation revealed that the Council is happy with his overall job performance. We are looking forward to great things from Mike and continued success for Three Oaks,” said Village President Dave Grosse following the meeting.

Greene thanked the council for their constructive feedback and for identifying areas he can build on.  Suggestions on ways to improve communications came later in the meeting. One resident suggested a better explanation in writing for changes to utility bills and another suggested a centralized kiosk for posting community news and events.

In other July 10 business, the village’s new Water and Sewer Superintendent is Quentin Clark, who fills the vacancy left by the retirement of Bruce Hauch. Until the village hires an operator to assist Clark, the contract with Infrastructure Alternatives Inc., begun in spring 2018, will continue on a monthly time-and-materials basis, with a seven-day written cancellation provision.

The remainder of the meeting dealt with the status of on-going projects.

Greene said he was rooting for continued dry weather so the long-delayed dredging of the lagoons could finally begin. He is waiting until NutriGro has their equipment in place before the village begins the costly step of draining the first lagoon to be dredged into the other two lagoons.

The council approved a $20,400 reduction in the contract with Walsh & Kelly, which will begin work on the repaving of Oak and Sherwood streets in August, including patching some curbs and gutters. Work on some sidewalks in the area by Remington Construction is underway.

Greene reported that smoke testing had not revealed any major problems of storm water leakage into the sewer system. He said the village will work with the approximately 19 homeowners who have what seem to be easy-to-fix problems. Two sections of the village were not tested at this time because the manholes are under farmland or not located.

A dangerous building hearing for 12 Walnut St. will be held on Monday, July 22, at 11 a.m. in the village hall. Since the owner has not fulfilled his promise to remove the ruins following a fire, the village is proceeding with steps to demolish it. 

Newquist said she thinks the village is not doing a good job of ordinance enforcement. Greene was asked to look into hiring a part-time enforcement officer.

Grosse said he was happy to report the village is nearly done replacing the faulty water meters, with only about 20 remaining to be replaced.

Since they have not yet received a response, Village Attorney Charles Hilmer said he will follow up with Journeyman Distillery on the proposed agreement concerning the village’s access to its public utility easement.

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