THREE OAKS — The Three Oaks Township Board during its April 12 in-person meeting voted unanimously to adopt a resolution requesting the Berrien County Board of Commissioners to initiate a speed study on Three Oaks Road from the south Three Oaks Village limit to the Indiana state line.

The goal is to reduce the current 55 mile per hour speed limit to 45 so it will be consistent with the 45 mph limit of Three Oaks Road north of the village to Sawyer Road.

Among the reasons given for the request were a steady increase in traffic along that corridor with an additional increase in the number of access points to the county road leading to more congestion and more difficulties for motorists negotiating left hand turns.

Township Supervisor George Mangold also noted that that stretch of roadway is also a popular bicycle route.

“Many times I’ve seen vehicles going 70 on that straightaway” he commented.

If the county Board of Commissioners approve the speed study, the Berrien County Road Department and the Michigan State Police will use the data gathered to make a decision which could lower the speed limit, raise the speed limit, or keep it as it is, and the township will abide by whatever decision is made.

Also on the agenda, it was announced that on March 31 the township had accepted and signed a purchase agreement to sell the Enterprise Park parcel.

That acreage is currently planted with a winter cover crop that should be able to be harvested by mid-summer, most likely before the sale becomes final.

The township had entered into a 425 Agreement with the village to enhance the marketing and sale of that parcel, and Mangold noted that the sale is contingent on the buyers being able to secure all necessary permits and licensing through the village.

Also on the April 12 agenda, a request by Fire Chief Dave Flick to purchase new updated 800 MHz radios and wireless headsets for those radios for a total cost of $15,614.64 that will come out of the fire department budget received unanimous consent.

Mangold reported that the draft of the township’s proposed Marijuana Ordinance continued to proceed at a slow pace.

Township attorney David Petersen had been working on the document, but his retirement means that new township attorney James T. McGovern of the Straub, Seaman & Allen law firm will be be assuming that duty and others moving forward.

There was a unanimous vote to adopt a resolution to support the process of the Deer Creek Hunt Club applying to the Michigan Liquor Control Commission for a new Class C Liquor License for the restaurant operation at their clubhouse.

Representatives from Deer Creek assured the Board members that all safety precautions would be put in place to assure that nobody who consumed alcoholic beverages, and no members of their party would be allowed to do any shooting.

There also were unanimous votes of support on motions to hire Erik Kruck as the township’s new electrical inspector; and to contract the services of Landscape Services LLC for a two-year period that will include mowing and weed eating at Forest Lawn Cemetery, Shedd Cemetery, and the grounds of the historic Spring Creek Schoolhouse.

Finally, with the annual cleanup at Forest Lawn Cemetery imminent, anyone still having fall and winter-related decorations at gravesites there are asked to please remove them by May 1. Any decorations remaining there by May 5 will be removed by the maintenance staff.

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