Union Pier

A view of the downtown business district in Union Pier on Tuesday, July 14. Sewer work was still going on across Red Arrow Highway near the railroad tracks.

HARBERT — Township Supervisor David Bunte gave an update on the ongoing sewer project in Union Pier during the July 9 Chikaming Township Board meeting.

Bunte said there was one manhole still being completed at the northeast corner of the Union Pier Road-Red Arrow Highway intersection.

“As of now we are on track … to hopefully have Union Pier Road open within the next week once they complete the final manhole at that intersection.”

As of midday on July 14 the east side of the road was still under construction with traffic moving through downtown Union Pier on the lake side of Red Arrow Highway.

Bunte said the speed limit on the two-lane portion of Red Arrow Highway open through Union Pier (which extends almost to Harbert) has been reduced to 35 miles per hour “which I think is extremely helpful so people can pay a little closer attention pulling out and getting access to the businesses on those side streets.”

He said a new sewer bypass from Berrien Street to Union Pier Road and the placement of a replacement pipe from Berrien Street to Lift Station Six also were underway.

Bunte said the bidding process on the road project and streetscape was slated to come back on July 10, adding that the project is slated to begin around the 24th of July.

Fire Chief Mike Davidson introduced and congratulated Carson Taylor, whom he said has been certified by the State of Michigan after completing fire training through the township’s cadet program and turning 18 on June 5 (the day he rode atop a Chikaming fire truck in a parade saluting River Valley High School seniors, first responders, essential workers, veterans and others).

He said Taylor could help respond to calls in a limited capacity as a cadet, now he’s a full-fledged member of the department.

“We’re very grateful to have him.”

Davidson added that Taylor is currently testing to become certified as an EMT after doing that training, and has also expressed an interest in joining the township’s water rescue team.

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