Unofficial results of contested races and ballot proposals decided in the Nov. 8 General Election from the Berrien County Clerk’s Office follow:

Three Oaks Village Council

Four-year terms (three open seats) — The vote totals previously listed in this article were incomplete. The following totals were obtained from the Three Oaks Township Clerk on Thursday, Nov. 10: Becky Thomas — 314; Lois Jones — 312; Jason Niemzyk — 303; Colleen Newquist — 297.

New Buffalo Board of Education

4-year term (two open seats): Lisa Werner — 1,339; Bradley Brunner — 1,129; Ashley Grzywacz — 829; Patrick Kennedy — 756.

6-year-term (one open seat): Denise Churchill — 1,366; Todd Tanksley — 742.

“My hope is that as leaders, the school board can help restore faith and trust where it has been questioned by some, and bridge this gap to move our district forward in a united fashion, while serving the interests of the children of New Buffalo with fairness and equality,” Churchill said in a statement.

Partial term ending Dec. 31, 2024: Vanessa Thun — 1,335; Justin Baney — 769.

“We are proud of our victory and hope we can begin to unify our district,” Thun said in a statement. “NBAS is an incredible school system and by working together with parents, teachers and administrators we can continue to build on our success.”

New Buffalo City Council

Four-year terms (two open seats): Vance Price — 451; Mark Robertson — 368; Jennifer Parello — 265; Nicholas Holevas — 134; Mick Lantis — 119.

Bridgman Board of Education

Six-year terms (two open seats): Brad Owen — 1,456; JoAnn DeMeulenaere — 1,196; Bob Cook — 1,026.

Owen and DeMeulenaere are incumbents.

“I am thankful for the trust the voters have in my ability to serve as a member of the Bridgman Board of Education,” DeMeulenaere said in a written statement. “I am looking forward to continuing to work with the teachers, parents, administration and the community. My job as a board member is to provide the best possible education and learning opportunities/environment to the students. I feel we have a highly effective board and we will continue to make Bridgman Public Schools an example of educational excellence.”

Chikaming Township

Park Board Proposal: Yes — 1,123; No — 574. Language follows: Shall the elected Park Commission, known as the Park Board, of Chikaming Township be dissolved, effective upon certification of the election results by the board of canvassers, and upon dissolution, for all powers, duties, assets and liabilities of the Park Commission, known as the Park Board, be transferred to the Chikaming Township Board of Trustees as provided in the Section 6g of 1905 PA 157, being MCL 41.426g?

Library Proposal: Yes — 1,094; No — 632. Language follows: Shall Chikaming Township impose an increase of up to thirty-five one hundredths mill ($0.35 per $1,000 of taxable value) in the tax limitation imposed under Article IX, Sec. 6 of the Michigan Constitution and levy it for the period six years, 2023 through 2028 inclusive, for library services, which thirty-five one hundredths mill increase will raise an estimated $250,162 in the first year the millage is levied of which equal portions will be distributed to the Bridgman Public Library, the New Buffalo Township Library, and the Three Oaks Township Library?

Bridgman City Council

Four-year terms (four open seats): Pam Hajaj — 520; Jan D’agostino Trapani — 501; William Boyd — 491; Sam Stine — 481; Hannah Anderson — 445; Julie Strating — 440.

Berrien County Commission

District 9: Alexander Ott — 3,390; Michelle Hannon — 3,283.

District 8: Teri Sue Freehling — 2,564; Brett Muchow — 1,560.

— Louise Wrege contributed to this report

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