Our community is so lucky to have two dedicated incumbent city council members who are willing to run for another term to city council. Lou O’Donnell IV and Mark Robertson have been on the city council for several years and have done an impressive job! They are fully engaged in every aspect of running our city and the following TOP 10 accomplishments illustrate their competence and qualification for this job:

(1) Multiple neighborhood streets paved; prioritized in order of condition, (2) Beautiful downtown project completed on time and under budget, (3) No property tax rate increase, (4) Neighborhood street improvements received 59 percent of the bond funds, which was more than expected, with only 34 percent of the $4M in bond funds allocated to the downtown project, (5) Balanced budget and cost savings on many line items due to careful oversight and obtaining competing bids for new contracts, (6) Walking-friendly sidewalks, (7) Master Plan completed, (8) Legal fees reduced nearly 80 percent since 2016 with newly imposed procedures and controls, (9) Successfully transitioned new police chief and installed a School Resource Officer at local schools for safety, (10) Delivered on their promises!

They are respectful to their city council colleagues and engage in civilized and constructive debate during meetings. They have attracted competent and caring volunteers to fill vacant board positions. I cannot imagine a healthier or more productive climate than the one which currently exists. We need leaders like Lou and Mark who have the vision, drive and management skills to identify and achieve goals. They reach out to other comparable communities and leaders for examples, identify and work toward solutions to problems such as our decreasing permanent population, decreasing school enrollment, and need for affordable housing and do it all within a balanced budget and increasing reserve fund. Let’s continue our city’s efforts with Lou and Mark at the helm so we can continue to take pride in our city that works!

I endorse Lou and Mark for city council and encourage you to vote for them on November 6th!

Thank you

Diane Pyshos

New Buffalo

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