Re: Opposition to school mask mandate, Sept. 16, 2021)

Most of us (and their families, children, and friends) want to be able to go about their lives without ending up in the hospital or the morgue. And want an economy that operates at full capacity, free of the fear of unseen, silent agents of death. Public officials who claim allegiance to former President Trump should not have to be reminded of this. Yet many of them continue to lie against the need for masks and vaccinations to stop the advancing pandemic and its devastation.

The coronavirus is continuing to disable and kill many of our neighbors (41,800,000 cases and 670,000 deaths), as they well know from the scientific information produced by our anti-pandemic medical agencies, including their own Berrien Co. and Michigan Departments of Health. The scale of this devastation invades every aspect of our lives and produces more terror than most wars. All the epidemiology agencies have long since concluded studies that show that wearing a mask and getting vaccinated are effective, simple ways to prevent the spread of the new more contagious Delta mutation that is attacking children and young people.

The effectiveness of masks in preventing the spread of this deadly virus is not new to anyone, as information about mask’s effectiveness in stopping spread or the virus has been accumulating for more than a year and a half (starting at the beginning of 2020). The time when they could voice their political antagonism of the pandemic as if it were a matter of opinion instead of a scientific fact expired months ago. The evidence is clear and decisive and no longer even controverted. Disliking facts (like a child) doesn’t make them go away.

It is no longer possible to see opposition to masks as anything but a clear and present danger to our health and lives.

John Young

Union Pier

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