I am enthusiastic about the Red Arrow Highway plan, as it was presented at Chikaming Township Hall on September 26. The 3-lane design (two lanes plus a center left turn lane) will match what exists in Shoreham and south Saint Joseph and it will slow traffic down. I traveled through Shoreham from Bridgman to St. Joseph for many years for work and this section of road didn’t seem a problem. Traffic was a little slower in the winter because it’s a no-passing zone, but maybe it’s a little safer.

I think a 3-lane road will enhance school bus safety. Passing a bus in your lane would not be legal, unless the bus pulled off the road and allowed passing, as they did in Shoreham. The oncoming lane is the only lane that school bus drivers would need to worry about, unlike a 4-lane road with two oncoming and one passing lane.   

If drivers find this section of road too slow, there’s always the I-94 alternative. I used I-94 before the Red Arrow re-construction phase when I needed to travel from Bridgman to Sawyer or beyond, and it saved time and probably wear and tear on the vehicle.

The linear park trail would be a nice enhancement for the area. Walking or traveling by bike would certainly be safer with this addition and it would be highly used. Currently, bike travel along parts of Red Arrow is not safe in my view and many back roads aren’t safe either.

The occasional closure of I-94 and the resulting traffic being routed to Red Arrow doesn’t seem like a reason to cancel the 3-lane road design. Certainly there would be a temporary increase in traffic, but there are alternative routes through various townships for local traffic.

Maybe there should be an option for municipalities to opt out of the 3-lane design. In that case, opting out could cost those areas more money for the 4-lane design. 

Brad Anderson


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