I'm writing in response to your article regarding the New Buffalo City Council meeting held on January 19, 2021. 

I am in agreement with Council member Flanagan that the "Ciardelli" property situation should be addressed and hopefully come to a conclusion as to its future.

However, if the property should come up for sale, a purchase of it by the City of New Buffalo may be an option. My suggestion would be a park area around a fountain similar to the Whirlpool Fountain in St. Joe. That square block area is large enough to accommodate public restrooms, a small outdoor stage for concerts, an indoor restaurant run by a local restaurateur, an open-air eating area with tables, fire pits and a special section for local seasonal food trucks. The fountain itself could be converted into a winter skating rink and ice sculpting contests could be held making the area more of a year round destination. 

I think something of this scale would be a huge draw for New Buffalo.

Thank you

Robert Evans

Union Pier

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