Mr. Coffey’s article is off-base. There were no boulders on that beach until the majority of the house was built. The boulders were brought there by a barge with a crane after the lake’s waves posed a serious threat. Sand was added to act as further protection, but wind and rain washed that away in short order.

Homes that have survived the hazards of beach construction have steel girders and concrete walls. This is an example of putting ones seat belt on after a head on collision.The DNR of Indiana located in Michigan City had sent a notice to the Michigan authorities warning of risk in developing that beach area. Mr. Coffey suggests that taxpayers should compensate those that may incur a loss due to poor planning and inappropriate construction.

I own a home that faces Stop 37 and I have been there for 72 years. I have witnessed the power of the lake to create and destroy the sand dunes surrounding it. Like so many elements of nature man should accept, adapt, and adjust to live in harmony.

Anthony Jelinek

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